Biotech x Climate: solve hard climate problems with biology: free webinar, November 22

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Biotech x Climate: solve hard climate problems with biology free webinar on November 22.

​Climate change is the most urgent problem of our generation, requiring immediate action. Limiting warming below 1.5°C will require us to drastically rethink our industrial landscape.

​Biology has a central role to play in the climate transition, with potential applications to some of the hardest climate problems.

​We’ll hear their thoughts on

  • ​biotech approaches that can make an outsized impact on climate,
  • ​bottlenecks to overcome in biotech scale up, and
  • ​what it takes to build a paradigm-shifting climate biotech company.

​The discussion will focus on bio production of high energy density fuels and commodity chemicals, mechanisms for growing recalcitrant carbon, innovations in the biotech toolbox, the role of computational and systems biology, and unclogging scale up challenges.

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