Sustainability For Tech: free webinar, November 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Sustainability For Tech free webinar on November 15.

After surveying 100+ European tech investors, insights are here!

The event is hosted to bring these insights to startups, investors, and the wider community, so don’t be shy and join.

We’ll discuss

  • the current state of thinking & doing in the realm of sustainability;
  • how important sustainability & ESG considerations are for investors;
  • what are the most common practices for managing SFDR and measuring impact.

To make this more hands-on and practical, we’ll invite 2 investors to share their approach to responsible investments in a “case study” format at the end of the event. The guest speakers:

  • Nina Gunell, Investment Associate at OpenOcean;
  • Agata Bremer, Head of Finance & Administration at Pale blue dot.

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