Scaling carbon removal: the critical role of the insurance industry: free webinar, November 28

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The Scaling carbon removal: the critical role of the insurance industry free webinar on November 28.

Insurance companies are particularly exposed to climate-related financial risk and show a growing interest in scaling  innovative climate solutions. In 2021, re-insurance company Swiss Re and Climeworks signed the world’s first 10-year carbon removal agreement, highlighting the mutual benefits of long-term collaborations in the nascent carbon removal market. In particular, Swiss Re’s pioneering commitment proved the case that insurance companies are uniquely positioned to accelerate the scale up of carbon removal solutions.

Join us for an online webinar to dive into the insurance rationale for carbon removal and:

Understand the value of carbon removal for the insurance industry

Learn from an industry leader: the carbon removal journey of Swiss Re

Understand how multi-year agreements accelerate the scale up of the emerging carbon removal market.

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