ESG Reporting Webinar – Meet the Experts!: free webinar, November 29

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The ESG Reporting Webinar – Meet the Experts! free webinar on November 29.

ESG Reporting in the spotlight – join us for a webinar where we will look at all aspects of ESG. You will gain a deeper understanding of what is required, how to prepare your data, as well as a live demo of our ESG solution in an Oracle EPM Cloud environment.


  • Underlying components of E, S, and G
  • Who will implement ESG
  • ESG reporting regulations globally
  • Businesses value of ESG Reporting (Investor relations)
  • Live demo – ESG reporting on Oracle EPM Cloud (from data preparation to final reporting)
  • Time series forecasting/Machine learning for advanced computations


  • Andy King – Oracle, Director, Product Management EPM.

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