How deep tech startups will help the transition to cleaner energies?: free webinar, November 29

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The How deep tech startups will help the transition to cleaner energies? free webinar on November 29.

Although low-carbon electricity generation and storage technologies were rapidly deployed in the last decade, fossil fuels still represent ~80% of the world’s energy consumption, whereas we need to reduce GHG emissions by +40% by 2030 to stay below the 1.5°C limit. Currently, the economical and geopolitical uncertainties, such as the ongoing war in Ukraine, challenge these efforts and pull attention toward short-term policies and solutions for energy security.

Together with BCG, Hello Tomorrow has identified two of the latest trends shaping the future of clean energies:

The fast-paced scaling of electrification enabled by new electricity generation means, innovative batteries, recycling technologies

The development and maturation of the H2 infrastructure and fuels derived from fermentation

The insights have been generated through a combination of

(a) identifying and analysing the most promising startups that come through the annual Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, and

(b) working with some of the most significant demand drivers in the space.

In this session, we analyse these trends and their related challenges in scaling. We also discuss why they matter, the applications and market opportunities within each trend, as well as the key roadblocks that have to be overcome for these underlying solutions and technologies to reach maturity and broad acceptance.

Our Speakers

Marco Duso, Partner, Climate & Sustainability, BCG

Lucas Maurice, Deep Tech & Innovation Consultant, Hello Tomorrow

Moderated by Renita Kalhorn, Executive Coach & Advisor.

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