Exploring Careers in Clean Energy: free webinar, December 5

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in clean energy: The Exploring Careers in Clean Energy free webinar on December 5.

Curious about careers in the clean energy sector? Interested in working in a field that is fighting climate change? Heard of solar and wind but want to learn more from people working in those sectors? Join Browning the Green Space (BGS) on December 5th to hear from professionals about how they ended up in their jobs and the kind of opportunities available. After the event you’ll have an opportunity to sign up with BGS to learn more and be notified of job openings and internships with companies working in these sectors.

Part of Browning the Green Space’s mission is to help more BIPOC people access careers in the Clean Energy sector. We highly encourage all BIPOC identifying students and adults join this session to learn more.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Tamika Jacques, Director of Workforce Development and Supply Chain, Avangrid Renewables
  • Omar Blayton, Chief Financial Officer, Sunwealth.

If you need help on your green job search check out our online course How to Make a Mid-Career Transition to a Green Job and career coaching service: book a free 30 minute discovery chat to learn more 🙂

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