Building ESG Skills for Real Estate: free webinar, December 7

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Building ESG Skills for Real Estate free webinar on December 7.

Get a jump on your professional new year’s resolutions by learning about the emerging and relevant ESG skills that commercial real estate professionals need in 2023 and beyond. Nareit’s free ESG Exchange webinar, Building ESG Skills for Real Estate, will give you insights into the top ESG skills needed for success in commercial real estate (CRE) roles.

Why should you attend?

  1. Understand the required skills and qualifications for professionals seeking ESG roles in the CRE industry.
  2. Increase your knowledge of trends in the ESG space and how to track ROI.
  3. Learn from ESG and sustainability experts with a specialization in real estate.


– Ellen Weinreb, founder of Weinreb Group and ESG and sustainability recruiter

– Kelly Meissner, vice president of corporate ESG and sustainability, Ventas, Inc.

– Ben Myers, vice president of sustainability, BXP

– Kevin Hagen, vice president of ESG strategy, Iron Mountain

– Fulya Kocak, senior vice president of ESG issues, Nareit (moderator).

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