Exploring the Science Behind Soil Carbon and Carbon Markets: free webinar, December 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in carbon markets: The Exploring the Science Behind Soil Carbon and Carbon Markets free webinar on December 12.

In the first episode of Regrow Ag’s new thought leadership webinar series, Climate Action through Agriculture, we’ll dive into the science behind soil carbon and carbon markets. We’ll talk to industry scientists who will:

1) Break down the basics of soil science and explain soil’s potential role as a nature-based climate solution

2) Discuss modeling as a verifiable way to measure soil carbon accrual and greenhouse gas emissions

3) Discuss the playbook for scaling voluntary soil carbon markets with credibility and transparency

4) Learn how food companies are evaluating this opportunity as they look for ways to reduce supply chain emissions.

This will be a moderated live discussion; attendees will have an opportunity to submit their own questions.

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