Greenwash Watch: Green Market Revolution or Broken Resolution?: free webinar, January 17

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Greenwash Watch: Green Market Revolution or Broken Resolution? free webinar on January 17.

2023 is set to be the year of the ‘green market revolution’, according to Forrester – on par with the first and second industrial revolutions. They predict that in the new year environmental sustainability will not only be a matter of survival, but a customer obsession.

Everyone is jumping on the sustainable claim bandwagon, but with Advertised Emissions up by more than 10% since 2019, our industry needs radical change. We need to call out greenwash when we see it and kick start a genuine green market revolution.

Join us on January 17th for Greenwash Watch, a lively and informative event that brings together global Creatives for Climate members to reflect on ads from leading brands: from the good to the bad – and the greenwashed. We’ll look at real-life case studies to discuss and dissect their bold claims. Are they truly planet friendly, or just greenwashed garbage?

If you need help on your green job search check out our online course How to Make a Mid-Career Transition to a Green Job and career coaching service: book a free 30 minute discovery chat to learn more 🙂

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