Sustainability Conversations: Andrea Gamble, Simply Sustainable Consultancy: free webinar, January 31

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Sustainability Conversations: Andrea Gamble, Simply Sustainable Consultancy free webinar on January 31.

Join us for this unique event where Andrea Gamble of Simply Sustainable Consultancy will give an overview of Simply Sustainable as a company, the consulting industry and how they help clients on their ESG & sustainability strategy journeys as well as sharing insights from her career.

Andrea Gamble joined Simply Sustainable in July 2022, bringing with her over a decade of environmental consulting experience and the completion of a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management at Kingston University. She has built a successful career working in the energy industry, managing client reclamation programs and facilitating the delivery of professional technical reports. Andrea studied at Kingston University.

It was during Andrea’s time at Kingston University that her passion for corporate sustainability flourished. Through her studies she gained insight on environmental best management practices and the challenges faced by companies looking to improve their environmental impact. Her dissertation evaluated the Scope 3 carbon footprint of a facilities management company’s supply chain. Findings illuminated key areas to focus on for emissions reduction and further data capture, providing valuable insight to maximise the effectiveness of company resources.

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