Why Nature Based Solutions Matter: free webinar, January 26

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Why Nature Based Solutions Matter free webinar on January 26.

Nature-based solutions are founded on the idea that healthy and well-managed ecosystems provide critical benefits and services to people, such as removing carbon from the atmosphere, securing safe water resources, improving air quality, and increasing food security. Beyond people, nature-based solutions also help tackle the biodiversity crisis, in a way that other technical climate solutions cannot.

In recent years, nature-based solutions have been a focal point of many environmental movements and organisations that wish to offset the emissions in their businesses that they cannot reduce or remove. The appeal to plant trees, protect forests and biodiversity is seen as a simple and effective way to help reduce carbon emissions and restore natural ecosystems.

However, this system can be taken advantage of. Some companies fund nature-based solutions such as planting trees without any consideration towards removal or reduction of their existing carbon emissions. This can lead to accusations of greenwashing. So, how do you get it right and what is the best thing to do?

In this webinar we will ask:

  • What do we mean by nature-based solutions?
  • What are carbon credits?
  • Can we plant enough trees to save the planet?
  • What are the biggest threats to biodiversity?
  • Why does biodiversity matter so much to the planet?
  • Where should we focus on nature-based solutions?
  • Are all nature-based solutions equal?
  • Are there standards for nature-based solutions and what are they?
  • How can we share positive communications without being seen to be greenwashing?
  • What is net zero vs carbon neutrality and where do nature-based solutions help on our journey?

Plus so much more.

Our panellists for this event are:

  • Sam Cande – (Moderator) – CEO and Founder of Responsible Futures & Sustain Talks
  • Oliver Bolton – CEO, Earthly
  • Dr Phoebe Carter CEnv – Chartered Environmentalist, Biodiversity Matters
  • Thomas Gent – Regenerative Farmer
  • Elizabeth Clark – Programme Manager – Business & Nature, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
  • Richard Betts – Partner in Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY.

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