Ecological LCA & Business Innovation: free webinar, January 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in LCA: The Ecological LCA & Business Innovation free webinar on January 26.

Life cycle assessment (LCA), sometimes referred to as life cycle analysis, measures the impacts on the environment associated with the life cycle of a product, process, or service.

With objective data, smart decisions are much easier to make, conducting an LCA is among the first steps towards sustainable business innovation and prosperity.

And this enables you to adapt to:

  • Customer Needs
  • Regulation Changes
  • Environmental Conditions as well as
  • Costs Pressures

Join us & our valued guests:

  • Poul Lindqvist – Providing Environmental LCA competence and resourcing with Environmental Impacts Academy
  • Maria Halse Duloquin
  • Innovation Consultant, Hackathon & Design Sprint Facilitator
  • Jef Teugels – Sustainable Business Innovation Thought Leader with Planet- and People-First Solutions Designer, Post-graduate Researcher
  • Fraser Gault – Business Consultant – Results & Ethics.

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