Sustainability: What does it have to do with career development?: free webinar, February 8

A useful learning and networking opportunity for jobseekers: The Sustainability: What does it have to do with career development? free webinar on February 8.

Simulated by the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainability is seemingly becoming the issue of the present time.

The SDGs are about the betterment of people, the planet, and prosperity for all by working in partnership and fostering peace. Career development practitioners could rightly ask ‘how is this relevant to me’. The commitment to social justice embedded in the SDGs, especially those related to people, partnership, and prosperity, is highly relevant to career development, as are the green careers emerging in the transition to net zero.

Internationally career researchers, theorists, and practitioners have begun to consider the role of career development in working toward the achievement of the SDGs.

In this webinar, participants will be introduced to the Sustainable Development Goal and the relationship between the SDGs and social justice in relation to career development practice. Career development definitely has a role to play in the achievement of the SDGs and this webinar will offer suggestions for participants to consider in their own practice.

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