Bootstrapping your Ocean Startup: free webinar, January 31

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in the blue economy: The Bootstrapping your Ocean Startup free webinar on January 31.

Join the Ocean Startup Project on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, for our next #SpeakerSeries event at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST/4 pm AST/4:30 pm NST. The Bootstrapping Your Startup session features an exciting discussion with two experienced entrepreneurs – MarineLabs CEO Scott Beatty and LeeWay Marine President and CEO Jamie Sangster – who have successfully bootstrapped their ocean tech startups and are thriving in Canada’s booming Blue Economy.

Using only existing personal resources like financial savings, equipment, or space to start and grow a company – otherwise known as bootstrapping, can be an effective way to get your startup off the ground while allowing founders to retain complete control over the company and its direction. It also requires less upfront capital, as founders use their resources to fund the business, which can be especially beneficial for companies starting and may not have the necessary collateral or credit to secure traditional funding.

Victoria, BC-based MarineLabs, led by CEO Scott Beatty, is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) company that owns and operates a growing fleet of IoT ocean weather instruments on both coasts of North America and produces reliable high-resolution data products in real-time for customers in various sectors of the blue economy.

Dartmouth, NS-based LeeWay Marine, led by President and CEO Jamie Sangster, is an oceans company that operates a fleet of vessels; it plans and coordinates operations to support its clients in acquiring data at sea.

Both Beatty and Sangster will share their personal experiences and insights on the challenges and rewards of building a business from the ground up without outside funding. They will discuss the benefits of bootstrapping as a funding approach, including full ownership and control of your company and your business model more easily and avoiding the potential downsides of outside investment, such as dilution and loss of control, among other topics. There will also be time for questions from audience members networking.

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