BOLD | An International Women’s Day event hosted by Women and Climate: free webinar, March 7

A useful learning and networking opportunity: The BOLD | An International Women’s Day event hosted by Women and Climate free webinar on March 7.

On March 7, 2023, Women and Climate will convene for a virtual summit on International Women’s Day to spark conversations on BOLD topics. In this 1.5 hour session, attendees will hear about:


What if women led _______? Insert blank with government, education media, corporations, and finance. What would be different in the past and what would be different now? What can be done now to mimic women-centric outcomes while leadership transition is taking place?


Today, we have 8 billion people on the planet. Are we properly prepared for resource distribution when it comes to food and water? What challenges will we face on waste management and sewage? How does the decline in population growth impact everything?


Degrowth is a radical alternative to our current economical system. If we used well-being as the defining metric instead of GDP, what would humanity look like? Exploring alternative models provide new opportunities for rapid change.

Additional topics such as climate justice, equity, biodiversity, women’s health, youth, and more, will be explored through hot takes. We will also be inviting women-led startups to pitch. Attendees will celebrate with our global community and walk away with renewed inspiration, ideas, and solutions on tackling climate change. No climate experience necessary to attend. All attendees welcome.

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