Calculating emissions from transportation and distribution: free webinar, March 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Calculating emissions from transportation and distribution free webinar on March 15.

Calculating your organization’s transportation and distribution emissions is essential to understanding your organization’s Scope 3 carbon footprint. These emissions arise from third-party transportation of goods you purchase, own, or sell. They also include storing products in third-party warehouses, distribution centers, and retail facilities. Importantly, they include shipping of your goods even when another party procures it.

One of the best ways to calculate these emissions is the distance-based method. However, for companies with a lot of shipping, it can be tedious to calculate the distance for each shipment. Sustain.Life’s new feature performs this calculation in one fell swoop. In cases where you don’t have origin and destination data, we can calculate a spend-based value for you. Lastly, this feature can also fill data gaps when you don’t have downstream data.

During this webinar, our team will walk you through the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s emissions categories of upstream and downstream transportation and distribution emissions. They will then provide a brief demo of this feature in our app.

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