Engaging Suppliers for Science Based Targets: free webinar, March 16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable supply chains: The Engaging Suppliers for Science Based Targets free webinar on March 16.

The Science Based Targets (SBTs) initiative helps companies set climate targets that are consistent with the latest climate science. A particular focus of SBTs is on supplier engagement, as 90% or more of companies’ emissions occur in their supply chains. Corporations have to work closely with their suppliers to set and achieve their SBTs. How does a major global company still on the path of climate transformation, like Coca Cola, deal with this challenge?

That’s what we’ll find out at CHOICE Event #53 from Cornelia Folz of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Germany. Among other things, she will address questions such as:

-What exactly is the role of supplier engagement in SBTs and why?

-What are the biggest hurdles Coca Cola has faced so far in engaging suppliers?

-Which best practices have proven effective in working with suppliers to implement climate targets?

-How can suppliers also be encouraged and supported to set their own SBTs?

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