Unpacking freshwater’s role: Climate mitigation measures in freshwater systems: free webinar, March 16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in water: The Unpacking freshwater’s role: Climate mitigation measures in freshwater systems free webinar on March 16.

What is the role of freshwater in climate change mitigation? This spring Swedish Water House will host a webinar series diving into the chapters of the recently launched report “The essential drop to reach Net-Zero: Unpacking Freshwater’s Role in Climate Change Mitigation”.

Freshwater ecosystems such as wetlands, rivers, and lakes are intimately linked to climate mitigation since aquatic environments can act as both greenhouse gas sinks and sources. For example, wetlands can store large amounts of carbon, but when drained they can risk releasing greenhouse gases instead.

In this webinar we will present the findings from the chapter “Mitigation measures in freshwater ecosystems”, and explore the mitigation potential and water-related risks of inland freshwater systems and freshwater-dependent coastal and marine systems.

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