Work On Climate Success Stories: free webinar, March 21

A useful learning and networking opportunity: The Work On Climate Success Stories free webinar on March 21.

Panelists: Shawn Gong, TBD

Moderator: Lena Burova and Priyanka Erande

Join us for a panel event where active members of the WoCl community share their success stories in breaking into (or being involved in) climate work. They will share their journeys, their struggles, their words of advice, and their perspective with the rest of the community.

Speaker 1: Shawn Gong. Shawn has 11 years of experience leading international teams and launching award-winning products globally.

He is the Head of Product Growth at Rheaply, on a mission to build a connected community with transformative technology where every workplace resource finds its next use. He focuses on data, growth marketing, product growth, and user psychology.

Before joining Rheaply, he was in charge of product growth at a few unicorn startups valued at over $1 billion. He took the dating app Grindr and the sneaker marketplace GOAT globally to over 170 countries with more than 30M active users. Most recently, he launched an e-commerce marketplace called Route and reached 1,000% revenue growth in a year.

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