Preparing for the Future of Mandatory Sustainability Reporting – The Impact of the CSRD: free webinar, March 22

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Preparing for the Future of Mandatory Sustainability Reporting – The Impact of the CSRD free webinar on March 22.

As sustainability regulation increases, businesses are exposed to new forms of reputational, legal, and financial risk. Businesses are tasked with interpreting this incoming, evolving regulation and translating it into organizational and operational change. On this Reuters Insight webinar, we will delve into the increasing regulation and changing landscape of sustainability reporting, with a particular focus on the impact that the CSRD will have on businesses operating in Europe.

Join us for this one-hour webinar with industry experts as we discuss the current trends in the reporting space, how companies are responding to the incoming regulations and how you can best prepare.

Key topics include:

  • Learn of the commonalities and differences between the mandatory frameworks and legislation
  • How do key frameworks, such as the TCFD, feed into the CSRD
  • Discover how companies are evolving (or should be evolving) their reporting practices to be ready for the new legislation
  • Hear from those responsible for shaping the future of mandatory reporting and their advice for corporate practitioners

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