Tackling Transferred Emissions: Climate Principles for Oil and Gas Mergers and Acquisitions: free webinar, March 21

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in carbon reduction: The Tackling Transferred Emissions: Climate Principles for Oil and Gas Mergers and Acquisitions free webinar on March 21.

Oil and gas mergers and acquisitions have taken on new significance not just as a key element of business strategy but as a potential source of climate risk. Research shows that, in aggregate, upstream oil and gas assets are being transferred from companies with climate commitments and public disclosure requirements to companies without those safeguards. While such transactions may help companies reach their own corporate emissions reduction targets, they do not contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions reduction—and may even result in global emissions increasing.

Mergers and acquisitions can increase reputational, climate, and transition risks, but they also present opportunities for industry players to lead on creating a new paradigm for oil and gas transactions that is more compatible with global net zero goals.

Download the report here: https://business.edf.org/insights/transferred-emissions-climate-principles/

In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of transferred emissions, an introduction to the Climate Principles for Oil and Gas Mergers and Acquisitions, and ways to take advantage of opportunities by using the principles.


Andrew Howell, CFA, Director, Investor Influence – Environmental Defense Fund

Laetitia Pirson, Carbon Asset Risk Expert – Ceres

Meredith Block, Senior VP, ESG Research & Impact – PIMCO

Patrick O’Connell, CFA, Director, Fixed Income Responsible Investing Research – AllianceBernstein.

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