The Circular Carbon Economy: free webinar, March 29

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The Circular Carbon Economy free webinar on March 29.

As unmitigated CO2 emissions continue to fuel climate change, innovations that can capture CO2 at scale and turn it into valuable, sustainable resources for society will be integral to rebalancing the carbon cycle and the overall health of the planet.

A new report issued by the Circular Carbon Network (CCN), an initiative from XPRIZE, shows that over the last two decades, circular carbon industry innovators have cumulatively raised over $5.7B, a hopeful sign that we may be closer than ever to having viable, large-scale, carbon capture solutions that will help combat the climate crisis. CCN analyzed data for nearly 700 companies across 55 countries spanning CO2 removal, CO2 conversion, point source capture and market infrastructure. In 2022, innovators reported raising $2.69B in capital – spanning all types from philanthropic to venture to founder funding.

Dig into more insights from the current state of the circular carbon industry in this 50-minute webinar hosted and moderated by Nikki Batchelor, Executive Director, XPRIZE Carbon Removal, and joined by a panel of experts in the industry including:

  • Ongeleigh Underwood, Director, Circular Carbon Network and lead author of the report
  • Nora Cohen Brown, Head of Market Development and Policy, Charm Industrial
  • Madison Savilow, Chief of Staff, Carbon Upcycling Technologies.

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