Strengthening Your Double Materiality Approach: free webinar, April 13

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Strengthening Your Double Materiality Approach free webinar on April 13.

This webinar presents a novel approach to conducting a double materiality assessment. While the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires companies to conduct a double materiality assessment to identify and disclose their most significant ESG impacts, the double materiality approach also has the potential to bring strategic value of the process. By incorporating a strategic lens into the assessment, companies are able to identify opportunities to enhance their sustainability performance, strengthen stakeholder relationships, and ultimately drive business growth. The webinar will pay special attention to the challenge of assessing a company’s societal impact.

Finch & Beak’s expert Bas Nuijten will walk through a novel double materiality approach that addresses the criteria as outlined in the CSRD, covering the value chain analysis, business impact assessment (including impact materiality and financial materiality) and stakeholder engagement.

Guest speaker Clodagh Connolly is Global Director at Business for Societal Impact (B4SI). Clodagh is responsible for the global network of blue chip companies that use the B4SI Frameworks to articulate their impact within the S of ESG. She will talk about how companies can overcome the challenge of measuring and managing corporate social impact, and how the B4SI Frameworks can be applied as a measurement standard and can contribute to assess the scale, scope, and irremediable character of social impacts.

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