Impact of New EU Battery Regulations on the UK’s Battery Materials Sector: free webinar, April 3

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in energy: The Impact of New EU Battery Regulations on the UK’s Battery Materials Sector free webinar on April 3.

In December 2022, the European Union (EU) Parliament and Council launched a new regulatory framework on batteries and battery waste. The new law considers technological developments and future challenges, and introduces stronger sustainability, performance and labelling requirements; due diligence policy to address social & environmental risks; and more stringent targets for waste collection, recycling efficiency, and material recovery.

On 3 April 2023, the Critical Minerals Association’s Circular Economy working group in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry will host a webinar about the impact of the EU’s new battery regulations for the UK’s battery materials sector. Our panellists will discuss everything from traceability to design standards, waste to recycling.

We are delighted the following speakers onto our panel:

– Dr Lucy Smith, Ventures Lead at the Materials Processing Institute. Lucy will be chairing the panel as the Chair of the CMA’s Circular Economy working group.

– Dr Laura Lander, Lecturer in Engineering at King’s College London. Dr Lander’s research focuses on tackling the challenges of current energy storage systems and developing high-performance sustainable battery devices.

– Tom Fairlie, Senior Sustainability Manager at the Cobalt Institute. Tom oversees core areas of supply chain decarbonization, circular economy, and recycling.

– Chris O’Brien, Sustainability & Carbon Lead at AMTE Power. AMTE Power is one of the only companies in the UK manufacturing battery cells and produces three highly diversified cell designs.

– Dr Jordan Lindsay, Research & Development Manager at Minviro. Jordan specialises in life cycle assessment projects and data in the raw materials and decarbonisation technology sectors.

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