The Environmental Impact of AI Infrastructure: free webinar, April 5

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Environmental Impact of AI Infrastructure free webinar on April 5.

Get ready to grab a drink and join the upcoming episode of ‘Beers with Engineers’ 🍻 because this time, we’re discussing a crucial topic that’s been on the minds of many: the environmental impact of AI infrastructure. And who better to guide us through this complex issue than the Chief Technology Evangelist at NetApp, Matt Watts?

In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into the cost of AI to the environment and exploring best practices to reduce this cost in the long run. With the increasing amount of data being generated by AI, data centers have become a necessity to store, move and access data as quickly as possible. However, data centers consume a significant amount of energy and contribute to environmental degradation. We will address this elephant in the room and explore aspects of AI and sustainability and discuss the pressing issues.

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