Greenwashing, carbon capitalism and the role of PR: free webinar, April 21

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Greenwashing, carbon capitalism and the role of PR free webinar on April 21.

The climate crisis is an existential threat for all who inhabit the planet. For marginalised regions, nations and social groups, the intensity of the threat has been felt more keenly than by those who are already privileged. These inequalities are due not only to the political economy of climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also to the media and communications ecology that surrounds and supports climate discourse in variable ways. Research on media representations of climate change effects has already demonstrated the ways in which coverage privileges western-driven understandings of climate, nature, and human life, and stops short of calling for the fundamental change that is required for planetary survival.

In this panel discussion, we add to this work by exploring how the public relations profession has facilitated climate narratives that obfuscate, while perpetuating technodeterministic solutionism that protects corporate ambition and sacrifices the collective good. We contrast such anti-planetary work with a discussion of how public relations strategies and tactics are used by activist groups that fight greenwashing and carbon capitalism to create genuine change that supports, rather than endangers, our collective futures.

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