Building Climate Resiliency Through Agriculture: free webinar, April 18

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The Building Climate Resiliency Through Agriculture free webinar on April 18.

Farming is the biggest job on Earth. As weather grows more unpredictable, storms more intense, and pest pressures change, farmers face many challenges to produce more with less.

Join us on a ground-up approach to learn how science and innovation are enabling farmers to make the most of every acre while building climate resiliency through regenerative farming practices. Our expert panelists will walk through the importance of diverse soil microbial communities, improvements to crop yield and yield traits to conserve resources, and what best practices in sustainable agriculture look like today, and what they may look like in the future, as determined by scientific data

Presented By:

Mallory Choudoir, Assistant Professor and Soil Microbiome Extension Specialist, North Carolina State University

Jonathan Vogel, Discovery Breeding Manager, BASF

Ray Daniels, Seed Sustainability Marketing Manager, North America, BASF.

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