Towards Regenerative Approaches in Successful Tourism & Forestry Practices: free webinar, May 4

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in NbS: The Towards Regenerative Approaches in Successful Tourism & Forestry Practices free webinar on May 17.

Regenerative approaches to ecosystem management and development have emerged as a crucial strategy towards planetary health. Nature based solutions (NBS) adopting regenerative approaches that embed care and awareness, benefit the climate, nature, and people through long-lasting change both at ecosystem and community levels. Regeneration is an holistic, multidisciplinary and context-specific approach that can therefore look different depending on the scale, location and actors involved in the project.

With this webinar we want to give you an idea of what a regenerative approach is, its theory and principles, and then how this can look like when applied in tourism and forestry with practical case studies and opportunities.

Hosted by the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform (CNEP) highlighting the platforms’ community ambassadors and members work in regenerative tourism and forestry.


  • Ally Dragozet – Founder & CEO Sea Going Green, Regenerative Tourism Ambassador for CNEP
  • Colm O’Driscoll – International Project Development Coordinator at Etifor, Regenerative Forestry Ambassador for CNEP
  • Alessia Fiorentino – Junior Officer for the Tourism Program at Etifor.

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