How to Create a Roadmap for Long-Term Investments in Nature: free webinar, May 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in NbS: The How to Create a Roadmap for Long-Term Investments in Nature free webinar on May 24.

As prices for carbon credits climb at unprecedented rates, companies pursuing ambitious sustainability goals are exploring alternative ways to invest in impactful natural climate solutions while keeping long-term targets and costs in mind. This panel will provide best practices on how leading corporations are planning to meet long-term climate goals with the support of nature based solutions.

In this exclusive 60 minute webinar hosted by Reuters Events, hear from corporate leaders on how they are creating a roadmap for long-term investments in nature.

The panellists will discuss:

  • The importance of nature within their climate strategy
  • How to get in ROI of decarbonization investments as gaining long-term competitive advantage
  • How they are using innovative new technologies to minimize risk and drive more funding directly to restoring at-risk ecosystems while enhancing the lives of local communities

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