AI at the Helm: The Future of Sustainable Decisions in the Boardroom: free webinar, May 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The AI at the Helm: The Future of Sustainable Decisions in the Boardroom free webinar on May 23.

As the world faces an increasingly urgent climate emergency, it’s clear that we need bold and innovative solutions. But traditional corporate decision-making has often prioritised short-term profits over long-term sustainability, perpetuating harmful practices that are damaging our planet. It’s time to explore a new approach, perhaps one that incorporates AI directly into decision-making to promote sustainability and protect the environment.

Join us for an exciting and thought-provoking forum where we’ll explore the potential of AI to revolutionise corporate decision-making in the fight against the climate emergency. Our expert speakers will delve into the ground-breaking idea of incorporating AI with decision-making power, which could compel businesses to prioritise sustainability and protect our planet.

We’ll examine the potential impact of AI voting power and decision-making abilities, including how it can be used to block harmful decisions and promote sustainable practices in business operations. Our speakers will share their insights and experiences in using AI to make informed decisions that benefit our planet.

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