Who is most affected by the environmental crises?: free webinar, June 29

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Who is most affected by the environmental crises? free webinar on June 29.

Join NPC and our charity partners at this event launching our research into the impacts of environmental change and policies on young people, disabled and older people, and people from ethnic minority communities.

Environmental change, and the policies introduced to respond to it, will not affect all people in the same way; some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people are likely to be worst affected by our changing environment or related policy. Those impacts are poorly understood and very few of the people affected have been included in decision-making on how society responds.

In the first phase of the Everyone’s Environment programme at NPC, we have been working with charities in the social and environmental sectors to gather evidence of the impacts of environmental change on different groups. Going forwards, we will build on this understanding with direct consultation with people in these groups, and through uniting social and environmental charities into shared action.

We’re inviting charities, funders and policymakers to join us at this event to find out more about how environmental change and policies will affect the people they serve and to start thinking about what they can do about it.

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