The Future of Sustainability Comms: Building Brand Trust with Transparency: free webinar, June 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Future of Sustainability Comms: Building Brand Trust with Transparency free webinar on June 15.

When the majority of merchants feel sustainability measures are contributing to improved company performance, but 70% of British shoppers don’t believe environmental claims by businesses are credible, getting the comms right has never been more important.

Brands and retailers now face the challenge of future-proofing their sustainability efforts to build trust with conscious shoppers, or risk losing their share of the market.

Provenance invites professionals eager to enhance their sustainability communications to a livestreamed evening discussion moderated by Jessi Baker MBE, Founder & CEO of Provenance.

Speakers include Flo Glendenning, VP of Product & Sustainability at The Nue Co and Connor Bolton, former Brand & Social Responsibility Manager at DR.VEGAN & Tropic Skincare.

Join ‘The Future of Sustainability Comms: Building Brand Trust with Transparency’ to learn from industry leaders how to build an omnichannel approach to sustainability and secure customer loyalty.

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