Green Digital Marketing: free webinar, June 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Green Digital Marketing free webinar on June 15.

Even though digital sounds and feels green, the reality is different. The internet may be digital, but it runs on electricity, much of which is still produced by fossil fuels. Digital technologies are currently responsible for about 4% of global carbon emissions.

Often it is the data centres that get a bad wrap for this, but have you ever asked yourself why we need so many? Data = content.

Mass amounts of content is created and consumed daily for marketing purposes and marketers are producing carbon emissions they are often not aware of as it is not tangible.

Being mindful of the content we create and how we create it on the internet is a conscious approach to lowering carbon emissions of the consumer behaviours on the internet. The choices we make in designing campaigns and digital marketing material, can have a carbon cost and can contribute to global Greenhouse gases. In this session I would like to demonstrate how we can approach digital marketing consciously and how we can begin to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of our online content creation.

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