Hidden handbrakes – exposing the unseen blockers of climate action: free webinar, June 30

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Hidden handbrakes – exposing the unseen blockers of climate action free webinar on June 30.

Progress on climate change mitigation, adaptation and addressing loss and damage is painfully slow. While many of the reasons are well known, there are several major blockers to tackling climate change that are barely discussed and far from the public eye.

Action to halt or reduce further climate change is being blocked by a range of ‘hidden handbrakes’ that the public are broadly unaware of and which range from legal obstacles to subsidies for fossil fuel companies to the architecture of the global financial system.

With funding from The Generation Foundation, IIED will present the research, communications and influencing campaign that is focused on exposing these hidden handbrakes and finding ways to release them, while also creating a platform for others to join in.

Panellists will shine a light on these handbrakes so we can better understand them, expose them to wider scrutiny and discuss ways the world can begin to address them.

The panel discussion will be introduced and moderated by IIED communications director James Persad, and will include Thomson Reuters Foundation editor Megan Rowling. Other panellists to be confirmed.

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