The Big Food Redesign: How to Get Regenerative Produce into European Supermarkets: free webinar, June 22

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The Big Food Redesign: How to get Regenerative Produce into European Supermarkets free webinar on June 22.

Regenerative Agriculture has been a growing trend for the last few years, but one key player has stayed out of this discussion until now, supermarkets!

In this webinar Reniera O’Donnell, food lead at the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation (EMF), will give an insight into The Big Food Redesign and how EMF plans to finally get supermarkets involved while keeping smaller scale farmers and food producers at the centre of our food system.

The Big Food Redesign Challenge aims to inspire the food industry to apply the principles of circular design to food, and catalyse the development of inspirational food products that are designed for nature to thrive. The challenge will provide a space for collaboration and learning with expert support, while giving brands and retailers the opportunity to showcase their most ambitious food designs and lead the transition to a circular economy for food.

Nature based enterprises can learn how they can participate in this challenge and potentially also get their products listed in participating supermarkets.

Whether you are a smaller scale farm with lower yields, a larger scale farm with high yields or are a nature-positive food design and production start-up, this challenge has been designed around you. Farmers and producers will upload information about their available produce to an online marketplace where they can collaborate with other businesses in the production & delivery of regenerative produce for supermarket shelves.

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