How to Strengthen the E Pillar in your ESG Reporting with Geospatial Analytics: free webinar, July 11

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The How to Strengthen the E Pillar in your ESG Reporting with Geospatial Analytics free webinar on July 11.

In this webinar we will showcase the emerging application of geospatial data for gaining environmental insights on the asset, corporate, and sovereign level for the “E” pillar of ESG reporting.

Attendees will:

Gain insights into quantitative geospatial ESG methodologies for assessing environmental performance.

Explore how geospatial analytics can differentiate environmental performance and support sustainable development goals.

Key learnings:

How to utilize near-real-time geospatial ESG data to assess ongoing environmental impacts in supply chains through thematic maps and charts to estimate the trends of the most important parameters involved in your reporting activities

How to leverage scalable geospatial ESG methods to assess deforestation risks, habitats, conservation areas, freshwater exposure, land degradation, air quality and water quality.

Learn how to integrate geospatial analytics into ESG reporting for enhanced sustainable supply chains and contribution to sustainable development goals

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