LGBT+ Sustainability Networking: free webinar, July 13

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The LGBT+ Sustainability Networking free webinar on July 13.

LGBT+ Sustainability Networking is a pretty simple idea;

  • Bringing sustainability people together (who happen to be LGBT+) to connect and share our work so that we can do it even better.
  • Creating a bit of space where people can be their full selves while at work.
  • Adding some inter-sectionality into the sustainability conversation.
  • Also, it’s just nice to talk to people sometimes.

Each session we’ll hear from a couple of people about their sustainability work and we’ll do breakout group networking on the back of it. This can just be people sharing their sustainability work that has no direct relationship to orientation or identity, as well as any work that people are doing and that is explicitly LGBT+ and sustainability-focused. We’ll aim to help connect people up by their areas of interest, geography, skill sets and also random hellos.

Expect a low-stress, inclusive, curiosity-inducing and informal vibe. The sessions will be interactive, but if you don’t feel like talking that’s okay. You can just let the facilitator know and you won’t be put in breakout groups 🙂

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