CCS+ Initiative: Developing Scalable Carbon Accounting Infrastructure: free webinar, July 6

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The CCS+ Initiative: Developing Scalable Carbon Accounting Infrastructure free webinar on July 6.

Carbon accounting approaches for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) are a patchwork. A combination of project-specific protocols, project-level due diligence and bespoke verification is the dominant approach. This characterizes a market that is still nascent with a limited variety of both buyers and suppliers of carbon removal credits.

OpenAir is excited to host Christiaan Gevers Deynoot of South Pole to present the work of the CCS+ Initiative, a unique multi-stakeholder initiative established in 2021 with the mission to scale cutting edge climate technologies by developing a scalable carbon accounting infrastructure. The approach it takes departs from common practice to cater to the needs of a fully-fledged carbon management economy. The CCS+ Initiative is expected to issue its first methodologies for public consultation by the end of June.

Learn about:

  • Why it matters that CDR protocols across different markets increasingly converge.
  • How today’s disparate landscape of bespoke protocols can lead to standards.
  • What CCS+ is doing to promote a race to the top in high quality carbon accounting.

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