Education for Climate Change: free webinar, July 26

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in education: The Education for Climate Change free webinar on July 26.

During this engaging event, we will explore the crucial role education plays in addressing climate change and nurturing environmentally conscious citizens. Our incredible panel of experts will share their insights, experiences, and research on effective strategies for integrating climate change education into curricula.

​This event will explore:

  • Understanding the importance of climate change education and its impact
  • Identifying key skills to incorporate into teaching practices to enhance climate literacy
  • Exploring innovative approaches, resources, and projects that promote environmental stewardship within schools

Meet Our Panelists

  • ​Thomas Funke: Co-CEO and Founder at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences.
  • ​Zoe Weil: Co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE), and an author of “The World Becomes What We Teach”.
  • ​Maggie Favretti: Award-winning educator and founder of Design Ed 4 Resilience.

​The masterclass will be hosted by our own climate change enthusiast and School of Humanity education leader Claire Evans.

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