Seaweed, Economic and Climate opportunities: free webinar, July 27

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The Seaweed, Economic and Climate opportunities free webinar on July 27.

​At SCOBY Collective, we are delighted to invite you to our exclusive Seaweed expert panel! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to engage with specialists who will delve into the solutions that this remarkable marine resource has to offer in terms of economic and climate opportunities.

​Why does seaweed represent an opportunity? What are these opportunities? What’s the role of startups, SMEs, and NGOs? Which countries could have a special role in this? How are global issues and SDG goals associated with the seaweed industry? We will be addressing these and more questions with the help of three experts and advisors on seaweed: Vincent Doumeizel, Karlotta Reive, and Peter Green.

​Join us on Thursday, July 27th at 6 pm CET for an interactive session hosted by Clement Hochart, a serial entrepreneur, and founder of SCOBY Collective. Bring all your burning questions about seaweed as a solution or drop them in the comments below, and we’ll make sure to address them during the session.

​This is a call to changemakers, entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, NGOs, experts, researchers, and advisors working in the seaweed industry, fighting climate change, or making efforts towards ocean protection and food security!

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