Sustainable Supply Chains: Pushing the NHS towards a Greener Future: free webinar, August 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in supply chains: The Sustainable Supply Chains: Pushing the NHS towards a Greener Future free webinar on August 23.

The NHS is committed to reaching net zero by 2040 for their directly controlled emissions, and by 2045 for the emissions they influence through goods and services bought from their suppliers. But, to achieve this ambitious goal, the NHS needs a great deal of collaboration from their suppliers.

The Net Zero Supplier Roadmap sets out a step-by-step timeline to help suppliers align with the NHS’s net zero goals between now and 2030 (including a two year grace period on milestones up to 2027 for SMEs and voluntary, community and social enterprises). But what extra steps will the NHS and their suppliers need to take to ensure their success on their net zero journey? And how easy will this transition be for both parties?

This webinar will see NHS and industry professionals, and business with products or services to aid the NHS in moving towards a more sustainable supply chain come together to discuss what will be needed to build a greener future.

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