The Edge: Biodiversity: free webinar, August 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in nature: The Edge: Biodiversity free webinar on August 15.

Almost all climate and energy transition conversations center on carbon.

It’s time for that to change. Biodiversity, whether viewed in the context of developing natural capital and ecosystem restoration projects, or developing new energy infrastructure while accounting for its impact on ecosystems, must be a core component of this decade’s climate tech boom. Thinking beyond carbon is a critical lever for all climate operators and investors.

In this event, we’ll hear from industry experts about:

Why biodiversity should be a critical feature of every climate conversation

Opportunities to build new tech, systems, and companies that foster biodiversity while solving other climate challenges

Opportunities to integrate more systems-oriented thinking into climate tech in general

Tired of every conversation being about carbon? Get the edge on why biodiversity is the next frontier in climate tech, and how to capitalize on and advance this trend.

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