The State of European Carbon Removal: free webinar, September 7

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: The State of European Carbon Removal free webinar on September 7.

The European policy landscape surrounding CDR continues to shift rapidly, with developments at both the EU and national levels. OpenAir is excited to welcome back Sebastian Manhart of Carbonfuture to discuss his updated analysis of:

  • The latest developments in European climate policy and their impact on CDR
  • Carbon removal targets and policies at the national level across Europe including a discussion of best practices and opportunities.
  • Developments and key open questions for the European Carbon Removal Certification Framework.
  • The future of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and what it means for CDR.
  • The role of Germany and insights into the EU´s first national CDR association, the DVNE.

Following the presentation, OpenAir’s Toby Bryce will ask Sebastian a few prepared questions, followed by audience Q&A moderated by Megha Raghavan.

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