AI’s new Potential for Scope 3 Decarbonization: free webinar, September 14

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in supply chains: The AI’s new Potential for Scope 3 Decarbonization free webinar on September 14.

In order to meet climate targets within their supply chain (Scope 3), companies must gather and interpret extensive data on emissions, climate risks, and other factors from their suppliers. Until now, this widely dispersed data could only be acquired through manual processes and individual supplier consultations, demanding significant time and resource investments.

However, a transformation is underway. Advanced AI technology now enables the quick and automatic aggregation of climate-related supplier data from public sources, facilitating its analysis for strategic insights.

How exactly can this work? That’s what we’ll learn at the CHOICE Event #61 from Yasha Tarani, CEO at THE CLIMATE CHOICE, and Nikolas Martens, Head of Engineering at THE CLIMATE CHOICE.

Together they will share exclusive insights into their pioneering AI Supplier Screening program and answer questions like:

-How does the AI supplier screening work and what is new about it?

-What kind of data can be extracted by the AI algorithm?

-What do the derived strategic insights look like?

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