Climate At Work: How to Be A Climate Advocate Right Where You Are: free webinar, September 5

A useful learning and networking opportunity: The Climate At Work: How to Be A Climate Advocate Right Where You Are free webinar on September 5.

Have you ever wanted to use your job to help sovle the climate crisis, but thought it was impossible or didn’t know where to start? Because the climate crisis touches every aspect of our lives, every job can and must be a “climate job”. Not everyone can or wants to pivot their entire career into the “climate industry”, and we don’t want them to. We need climate advocates in every realm and sector of our economy – from sanitation workers to bartenders to HR managers to financial advisors. We all have a role to play in solving this crisis no matter what we do to pay the bills.

This panel will explore how you can make your job a “climate job” from right where you are. These experts will explore frameworks and tools for thinking about how your job intersects with climate, how to democratize the climate conversation at work, and how to skillfully engage with the obstacles you may encounter along the way.

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