Getting ready for FLAG: How food companies can meet carbon reduction goals: free webinar, September 28

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in food: The Getting ready for FLAG: How food companies can meet carbon reduction goals free webinar on September 28.

Forest, land and agriculture-related emissions are responsible for 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making land sector emissions reductions a powerful lever in mitigating climate change. Food and beverage companies are uniquely positioned to act as catalysts for climate mitigation by measuring, reporting and reducing their land-sector emissions in line with scientific standards. Companies that have, or plan to set science-based targets will be required to set a FLAG target, pending the release of the GHG Protocol’s LSR Guidance in 2024.

Designed for food and beverage companies, this webinar will dive into how FLAG Guidance affects companies with land-sector emissions in their supply chain, covering:

An overview of the carbon accounting and reporting landscape, including SBTi’s Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) Guidance, and the GHG Protocol’s draft Land Sector and Removals (LSR) Guidance

Which companies need to set FLAG targets, and by when

Key requirements of a FLAG target

How Good’s FLAG solution, and why granular emission factors are key to setting realistic FLAG targets.

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