Non-offset claims: How to make a robust climate claim?: free webinar, September 5

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Non-offset claims: How to make a robust climate claim? free webinar on September 5.

The next Compensate Foundation webinar sheds light on corporate climate claims beyond conventional offsetting.

Non-offset claims enable companies to take responsibility for their climate impact but do not include an equivalence between specific emissions and the supported climate action. These claims encompass diverse climate actions such as contribution claims, beyond value chain mitigation (BVCM), climate finance, climate action, and insetting.

Non-offset claims are gaining traction for companies to avoid greenwashing risks due to the dubious quality of traditional offsets. But new claims are no silver bullet that would automatically fix the flaws in the market. A different claim should not compromise the quality or integrity of climate action.

In this webinar, the Compensate Foundation’s Policy and Advocacy Lead Janne Rinne will present the key takeaways from the recently published white paper ‘Non-offset claims: How to make robust Climate claims?’ The panel of experts will dive deeper into the following questions:

  • What are the differences between offset and non-offset claims?
  • What are the main motivations for companies to make a non-offset claim?
  • How to make a robust non-offset claim?

The Compensate Foundation’s Chairman Niklas Kaskeala will moderate the panel. We are delighted to announce our panelists:

  • Emily Jackson-Kessler, SVP of Sustainability, The Economist Group
  • Robert Höglund, Manager Climate Transformation Fund, Milkywire
  • Hanna-Mari Ahonen, Senior Consultant, Perspectives Group
  • Gilles Dufrasne, Policy Lead – Global Carbon Markets, Carbon Market Watch

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