Business and Communities: Climate Services for a resilient Europe: free webinar, September 19-20

A useful learning and networking opportunity: The Business and Communities: Climate Services for a resilient Europe free webinar on September 19-20.

The second Climateurope2 virtual festival will revolve around the themes of businesses and communities, with a primary focus on discussing the transformation of Europe through climate services and dedicated solutions. Building upon the success of the first edition held in March 2023, the two-day webinar will incorporate various forms of engagement. These include high-level panels, thematic dialogues, as well as other innovative and engaging formats aimed at raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and promoting wider adoption of climate services.

On the first day, the webstival will address the key challenges faced by regional governments enrolled in the EU Mission Adaptation to climate change. It will facilitate discussions on the boundaries of climate services, encourage the exchange of ideas through thematic break-out groups, and initiate dedicated discussions about the Mission Adaptation and its relevance to regional and local authorities. The second day of the festival will delve into the role of climate services standardisation in finance and renewable energy sectors, aiming to increase their uptake.

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