Here’s how to create jobs and rescue our climate

Certainly, a Civilian Climate Corps is a great idea, but why the constant reference to opportunities for “young people”: people of ALL AGES would benefit from such an initiative, as well as the environment.

President Biden’s transformative Build Back Better Agenda proposes investing $4.1 trillion to fix crumbling roads and bridges while also addressing two of our nation’s most pressing challenges: widening economic inequality and the worsening climate crisis.

It aims to create millions of well-paying, union jobs to help create a more sustainable, 21st-century economy powered by clean, renewable energy that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and takes us off the path of climate catastrophe.

As negotiations over the president’s bold infrastructure package continue in Washington, I am calling on our New Jersey members of Congress to fight hard to ensure the final law includes a new Civilian Climate Corps. Read the full article at

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