The Auto Industry Is Going Green. Will Workers Go Along for the Ride?

auto industry

For some people, such as those working in the auto industry and energy sector, transitioning to a green job may not just be a wish, but an existential necessity. But the transition to a green economy for such industries (and, therefore, workers) is not always straightforward:

The combination of its vaulting promise and tenuous future captures well the larger state of play in the world of green jobs. As the auto industry rapidly transforms—moving from the internal combustion engine that has defined road transportation for more than 100 years to electric vehicles—workers and manufacturing communities are waiting anxiously to see what the scramble to lower the nation’s emissions will mean for them. On the one hand, building electric vehicles in communities like the Mahoning Valley, the region where Lordstown is located, promises to create the jobs of the future, resilient to the wave of imminent changes that will come as the post-pandemic economy rebuilds and modernizes. On the other, the picture of what an auto-manufacturing job in the new green economy looks like remains fuzzy. Read the full article at Time.

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